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The Mystics is a raiding guild on Saurfang - EU.

We are a semi-casual/semi-hardcore raiding guild and even though we don't have high demands in terms of attendance, we would like you to raid 2 out of the 3 raid nights at a minimum.

We expect applicants to have some sort of raiding experience however if you are new to the game and want a home, we can also provide that. Raiding applicants however MUST have intimate knowledge of their class specific mechanics and a good general overview of raiding mechanics.

The members of the guild are all 20+ years old and we would prefer if applicants are 18+ as we like to keep things mature, however that doesn't mean we don't have fun!

Current Progression: 
Seige of Orgrimmar - 11/14HC

The Mystics are now RECRUITING!

We have a space in our main team for a reliable tank.

DK's, Warriors, Druids and Monks welcome, heck we'll even take a paladin. Join now and I'll throw in a free noodle cart!*

*noodle cart offer valid for only 30 days from time of posting.
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